ANATHAI & THAI-YOGA MASSAGE for Lower Limbs & Hips


*** Anatomical mapping and palpation, functional movement in relation to Thai yoga massage ***

– The birth of Anathai-

The practice of Thai Yoga Massage is growing internationally, more practitioners are dedicated to offer their massages for a larger public.
Disharmonies and imbalances in the health of their patients are complex and find sources in the stressful and unhealthy life conditions.
Many practitioners will work in professional spas, clinics and in collaboration with other Health Professionals.
To ease the communication between them and their patient, a basic anatomical knowledge is a foundation to collaborate and work in a larger scale with the world of complimentary medecine / alternative Therapy ; if we consider Thai Yoga Massage as an Integrative Modern Alternative Therapy.

Anathai combined the practical aspects of anatomy in movement in relation with Thai Yoga Massage.
Of course Anathai includes all aspects of the Sacred Dance, the heart opening within a transformational journey.

– About Anathai-

Anatomical mapping and palpation and functional movement in relation to thai yoga massage.

Applied Anatomy:
Structural Mapping and palpation of the body allows the practitioner to resonate with a greater awareness of the physical body while improving precision.
It offers anatomical guidelines to each individual unique body.
With Fun, painting on the body and bridging with specifics technics of thai massage, dynamic thai and osteothai.

– Prerequesite .
Minimum 10 days Thai-Massage Beginner Course and 50 h of practice

– Why Anathai?-
Precise touch and intention
Greater awareness of the physical body
Bridge to therapeutic approach

At the end of anathai course for „Lower Limbs and Hips“ you will know the location of the important structures:
– muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments
– functional movement of the structures

– The facilitator –


Thierry, originally from Brussels, is a recognised international teacher authorized by the Thai Healling Alliance – founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage – THERAPY THAI MASSAGE
​His passion for movement, rhythm, balance and bio-dynamics led him in 2002 to the art of Thai Yoga Massage.
While living in Pacific – Asia, until 2010, he complete his training in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy
Highly inspired by Osteothai since 2009 and oscillatory – harmonic osteopathy from Eyal Lederman.
Dedicated to deepen studies and search between eastern and western knowledge, the birth of Anathai courses comes to support the practice of Thai Yoga Massage.

Infos with Thierry Bienfaisant

Registration with Julia Deka


Iyengar Yoga Haus, Katharinenstr.12, 79104 Freiburg, Germany


8.30 – 12.30: Session 1
12.30 – 14.00: Lunch
14.00 – 17.30: Session 2

490 Euro Early Bird with payment before 23.4.2018

550 Euro with payment after 23.4.2018

– How to get to Freiburg? –

By plane: closest Airports are:
– Basel or Zürich (Switzerland ) and from there by Flixbus or Airport Shuttle Bus
– Frankfurt or Stuttgart (Germany) and from there by train ( to Freiburg

– Where to stay? –
You can look either for an Air Bnb in Freiburg ( or find some Couchsurfing options for example in the AcroYoga Freiburg Facebook group. There is a very nice community in Freiburg and some of them might have a couch to crush.

– What else to do in Freiburg? –

Freiburg is an amazing city with a beautiful medieval town part in the middle of the Blackforest. In the summer it offers many lakes in and around Freiburg where you can go for a nice swim – or take a walk in the forest nearby.
Freiburg is also full of Yogastudios, nice concerts and very tasty restaurants. Also just strolling through the city or hanging out in the nearby parc is worth it 🙂