Welcome to a full day possibilitiy to expand your practice and experience!


Dive deep during a delicious workshop day and experience the magical and joyful blending of yoga, acrobatics and healing arts.
In a safe and warm environment you can expand your limits and grow beyond what you have thought is possible.

Most of the Workshop time we will focus on the acrobatic Solar Practice of AcroYoga:
With fiery and playful Warm Ups we are preparing our bodys to get into the practice of Inversions and acrobatic Flying.
We will enter the magic land of Handstands and fly into the acrobatic universe of STARS (star, inside star, outside star, side star) with different flows, transitions and washing machines.

What do you need to feel like a sparkling, shining star? We will work with the foundations and the alignment first and then take the experience onto the next level with different star entries, transitions to other postures and flows without beginning and end.

On this day we specially want to encourage same size Flying & Basing, while offering small but helpful tricks for ladybases and big tree birds.
Foundations of bodymechanics, inversion and counterbalances will guide us through this sessions. We are playing with weight distribution, quality of movement, alignments and bone stacking as well as with the idea of flow, simplicity and ease.
In the end of this day we are landing with the exploration of the healing practices of Thai Yoga Massage and Therapeutic Flying.
We develop a feeling for fundamental principles of self-connection, touch, listening and letting go.
Its not requiered to bring a partner.
Level: Its recommended to have basic experience of AcroYoga: you should know how either fly or base Bird, Backbird, Star, Throne, Backbird, Shoulderstand, Cartwheel, Sidestar. Its also recommended to know some transitions between positions.
If in doubt, please contact us.

We develop a feeling for fundamental principles of self connection, touch, listening and letting go. Later we bring this experience in the air and connect again to this principles while supporting and being supported through Therapheutic Flying.

Its not requiered to bring a partner.

Level: Its recommended to have basic experience of AcroYoga: you should know how either fly or base Bird, Star, Throne, Backbird, Shoulderstand, Cartwheel.

If in doubt, please contact us.



11:00 – 13:30

15:00 – 17:30



Binzstrasse 23, 8045 Zürich



120 CHF Early Bird with payment before 5.2.2016
160 CHF after 5.2.2016



ABOUT Julia Deka

Julia grew up with the practice of meditation and yoga. Today she is a Yogateacher, Certified AcroYoga.org Teacher Level I +II and AY-Fit Trainer. After studying Sanskrit, Cultural Anthropology and Experiental Education she connected deeply with AcroYoga and ThaiYogaMassage.
Julia has always been passionate about different moving arts like Dance, Theater and Contact Improvisation and its here biggest dream to share her experience and create a space, where people can meet, connect, move and get in touch.



ABOUT Cate Spinnler

Schon in der Kindheit war Bewegung für Catherine Spinnler wichtig. Vom Turnen zum Jazztanz, vom Ausdauersport zum Gigathlon und nun mit Fokus auf Pilates, Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage = Bodywork und Acroyoga unterwegs. Ihr Weg der Ausbildungen und Weiterbildungen ist geprägt von der Arbeit im In- und Ausland. Ihre offene Art unterstützen die vielen Reisen welche Sie in Ihren jungen Jahren gemacht hat. Im Juni 2014 hat sie einen weiteren Traum erfüllt. Als zertifizierte Acoryoga Lehrerin verbreitet sie nun mit viel Freude, Verspieltheit, Achtsamkeit und Sanftheit mit der Dynamik des Acroyoga und die Entspannung durch die Thai Yoga Massage.


ABOUT AcroYoga