26.-28.12. “The Sacred Dance of Thai-Yoga-Massage: a 3 course days course with Thierry Bienfaisant”

“Brother stand the pain; Escape the poison of your impulses. The sky will bow to your beauty, if you do. Learn to light the candle. Rise with the sun. Turn away from the cave of your sleeping. That way a thorn expands to a rose. A particular glows with the universal.”

You want to celebrate the special time between Christmas and New Years by being connected to yourself and the people around you?

Then join us for 3 days of Thai-Yoga Massage in Freiburg, Blackforest, Germany.

“The Sacred Dance of Thai Yoga Massage – The Art of Touch”

– 3 days to explore the magic of touch –

*****Love, Feel, Connect, Be Present*****


For both the giver and receiver, Thai Yoga Massage is a sacred dance – an active meditation. Deep stretches inspired by Yoga Asanas are rhythmically applied along with pressure on the
Energy lines, which are running through the whole body.

It is a holy communion between two people used to unblock energy stagnation.

It is about learning to give from the heart with compassion.

To take part you dont need to have any former experiences and you dont need to bring a partner along.

Thai Yoga Massage is received with comfortable clothes.

Teaching Language: English




8:45 doors are opening

9:00 – 13:00 Session 1

14:30 – 17:30 Session 2



Thierry Bienfaisant is the founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage “THERAPY THAI MASSAGE” and is a recognised international teacher. Thierry offers diverse courses and
retreats for all levels of practitioners in Belgium and abroad.

Fundamental to the teaching is the emphasis on touch, movement and rhythm. Just as a musician needs melody and rhythm, practitioners learn to find their unique tune in each
Since 15 years, Thierry has traveled throughout Thailand, Australia and Europe to deepen his studies.
He has trained in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, Massage Therapy and harmonic osteopathy.

More about Thierry:




270 Euros Early Bird until 31.10.2015
320 Euros after 31.10.2015


Please note: there is no accomodation or food included. Freiburg has a number of nice restaurant in the area of the studio.
For accomodation check for example here:
How to reach Freiburg:
To Freiburg Hauptbahnhof/Germany trains are going from all directions. Closest Airport is Frankfurt or Stuttgart (Germany) or Basel-Mulhouse or Zürich (Switzerland).
From there you can easily travel by train or bus to Freiburg.

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