Welcome to a two day possibilitiy to expand your practice and experience!

Dive deep with us during a delicious weekend and experience its magical and joyful blending of yoga, acrobatics and healing arts.
Its not requiered to bring a partner. All Levels are welcomed!
Session 1: “Fly High”
Saturday: 11:00 – 13:30
Session 2: “Flow and Connection”
Saturday / 15:00 – 17:30
Session 3:Squeeze and Trust”
Sunday, April 12 / 11:00 – 13:30
In the first 3 sessions we are working with the Solar material of the AcroYoga practice. With the dynamic playfulness of partner acrobatics we open a field of connection, trust, empowerment and joy.
The sessions will start with a fiery and playful Yoga- or moving Warm Up. After this we dive inside the world of strengthening and squeezing: inversion training, toning exercises and tightness drills will prepare our bodies and minds for the flying time.
With the support of teamwork and coaching we discover different flows, washing machines and postures.
To Cool Down and to land again there will be sweet moments to relax with Thai Massage or Therapheutic Flying.
Session 4: “Dive Deep”
Sunday, April 12 / 15:00 – 17:30
In this session we will focus on soft Yoga-Flows and the exploration of the healing practices of Thai Yoga Massage and Therapeutic Flying.
With the practice of Asanas and Bodywork on the ground we develop a feeling for fundamental principles of self connection, touch, listening and letting go. Later we bring this experience in the air and connect again to this principles while supporting and being supported through Therapheutic Flying.


Early Bird until 25.3.2015
1 Session: 40,- / 35,- Early Bird
2 Sessions: 75,- / 65,- Early Bird
3 Sessions: 105,- / 90,- Early Bird
4 Sessions: 125,- / 110,- Early Bird
Yoga West, Schwabstr. 12a, 70197 Stuttgart

About Thomas:Thomas Arta enjoys creating safe and supportive spaces where students can explore their limitless potential in a fun and joyful way. A passionate student of yogic, acrobatic and movement practices, he brings a playful and detailed approach to learning with the goal of authentic freedom for body, mind and heart.
About Julia:Julia is Yogateacher, Certified AcroYoga Teacher and AY-Fit Trainer. After studying Sanskrit, Cultural Anthropology and Experiental Education she connected deeply with AcroYoga and ThaiYogaMassage.
Julia has always been passionate about different moving arts like Dance, Theater and Contact Improvisation and its here biggest dream to share her experience and create a space, where people can meet, connect, move and get in touch.


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