23.11.2014 / 10:30 – 13:30 & 15:00 – 18:00

Fly into the playful field of connection, trust and surrender!

Level: Open Level, Open heart 🙂

Lets come together and enjoy a full day of diving deep into acrobatic practice. After some sweet yoga flows we will Power Up with some fiery warm up and partner strength training, raising your AcroYogi-monkey energy right to the point where you need it!

Spreading the wings to fly there will be focus on alignment and integrity in the same way than on creativity, fun and even unusual positions, transitions, entries and tricks.

To Cool Down and to let the experience sink to the deeper levels of body mind we will close the sessions with some mindful and healing moments of Flying Bodywork and Thai-Yoga-Massage. ♥

This Workshop day is open for all Levels. There will be many layers of every sequence, so that beginners as well as already experienced AcroYogis will be able to have a deep experience.



In Session 1 we will work on the basic layer on which we are building up in Session 2.

Prerequisites for Session 2: either take part of Session 1 or have experience to base or fly the following postures: Flag, Star, some Handstand experience (no need to be able to hold it free), Foot2Shin & Shin2Foot, Floating Paschi)

If you are not sure about it – please get in touch!

Session 1: 10:30 – 13:30
“Power Up with Monkey Conditioning”
Handstand Training / Star variations / Foot2Shin & Shin2 Foot / Floating Paschi

Session 2: 15:00 – 18:00
“Roll upside down and start to play”
Trio Flying and collective group flying games /
Turn upside down by switching the role of flyer and base / Get creative by designing your own flows with the material we worked with.

Julia Deka

Energy exchange:
Full Day €75 (€65 earlybird)
One session €40 (€35 earlybird)
Earlybird price until 31.10.14
Student discount on request.

About Julia and Thom:

Julia is Yogateacher, Certified AcroYoga Teacher and AY-Fit Trainer. After studying Sanskrit, Cultural Anthropology and Experiental Education she connected deeply with AcroYoga and ThaiYogaMassage.
Julia has always been passionate about different moving arts like Dance, Theater and Contact Improvisation and its here biggest dream to share her experience and create a space, where people can meet, connect, move and get in touch.

Thomas Arta enjoys creating safe and supportive spaces to allow students to explore their limitless potential in a fun and joyful way. A passionate student of movement, acrobatic and yogic practices, he brings a playful and detailed approach to learning with the goal of authentic freedom for body and mind.

pen for all Levels. There will be many layers of every sequence, so that beginners as well as already experienced AcroYogis will be able to have a deep experience.

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