Its time to repeat what was super nice already last May in Freiburg and in September in Basel:

An AcroYoga Jam with AcroYogis coming together from France, Switzerland and Germany.

Lets come together for a day with lots of flying, laughing, chilling out under the blue sky, having some picknick together…

The Jam will be a free event, open for everyone, no matter if you have experience or not.
Its not a guided Workshop but more a space to learn from each other and experience the flying community 🙂

Some more small details will be coming up here soon – or if you want to get them via Mail – let me know:

And: if someone feels inspired to guide a Warm Up or to offer Guidance in learning a Washing Machine or anything else: let me know as well.
Maybe we can set up small “Labarotories” where people work on specific things, if there is interest.

We are looking forward to fly with you very soon!!!

Location: Eschholzpark, Freiburg (Germany)

11:00 AM – Open End

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