Join us for an evening of meditation through sacred sounds!

Sound is one of the things we are perceiving continuously through different means and in different forms since the beginning of life. The process of bringing attention to the sound and to the emotions induced by it and exploring it beyond just “entertainment” is what becomes The Yoga of Sound. This has been practiced in all the ancient cultures with different names.

What is Kirtan?
Kirtan is an ancient practice of listening and singing certain sounds to connect with the divine. The word “kirtan” comes from a Sanskrit root that means “to cut through” – cutting through the idea of separation, to connect with our real being and to this very moment through sound.

This event is to gather and together create that space where we explore ourselves through sounds beyond the ideas of who we are and let the divine/ the unknown express through us: In the form of voices, sounds, singing, silence, gestures, movements, dance, stillness or anything beyond the language.

The evening will start with silence, gradually we will move into Sound Meditation and Kirtan, and then eventually coming back to silence.

** You may bring your meditation cushions and music instruments/ percussion along **

** Tickets: AK 15€, VVK 12€ at **

About Eshaan :
Eshaan has his roots in northern India where he grew up naturally inclined to music and ancient spiritual practices. Before moving to Germany he was teaching various instruments, vocals and different forms of Indian and Western music to children and adults of all ages. He has also been sharing his spiritual insight and guidance amongst groups and individuals. Besides “Experimental Kirtan” Project with his wife Radha, he is also producing and composing as a solo artist.