Osteothai routine for the inner organs and their relations to the pelvic ball and spine disorders

Wann: 30.11 – 04.12. 2022 | 9:00 – 12:30 & 14:30 – 17:00 daily (last day we finish around 16:00)

Location: Yolaya´ s Studio Freiburg, Germany

Preis: 630,00 €

Unterrichtssprache / Teaching Language: English

Often called the second brain, the belly is our center. This key region should not be forgotten in our treatment. Belly tensions are very often responsible for structural dysfunctions (lower back pain, pelvic and shoulder problems…), digestive disorders and emotional tension. The Osteothai routine for the inner organs is a synthesis of the Eastern approach of the Hara and the Western practice of visceral manipulation. Focusing on Presence, Power, Precision and Patience, you will enter in contact and deepen your understanding of this liquid world. This course will give you precious tools for your practice, allowing a real inner organs detox, homeostasis restoration and organs-structure integration. During this 5-day course, we will focus on :

  •  HARA DETOX AND REHARMONISATION reconnecting the inner organs and the body through the fascia system
  • DIGESTIVE SYSTEM REORGANISATION starting from the mouth, going through the whole digestive duct (oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and small intestine, large intestine) and the different sphincters.
  • TREATING LOWER BACK PAIN THROUGH THE BELLY treating small intestine, mesentery, large intestine, kidneys, psoas…
  • RESTORING THE LIVER METABOLISM with direct (pumping, recoil, rocking) and indirect techniques (fascia release)
  • INTEGRATING THE INNER ORGANS LIQUID WORLD WITH ITS BONY STRUCTURE how to treat spinal disorders, pelvic ball and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions

David Lutt is a licensed osteopath combining his expertise and love of osteopathy, Thai-yoga massage and zen shiatsu. He is the co-founder of Osteothai and initiator of Dynamic Thai Massage. David is also titular of an University degree in “Philosophy of Osteopathy” (UCLY – Université Catholique de Lyon).He’s spent 4 years living in Asia (India and Thailand) immersing himself in yoga, shiatsu, Vipassana meditation and traditional Thai massage. In Thailand, he studied mainly under Asokananda and Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith, who was and is still his real inspiration.In France, he always keeps on going with passion on his osteopathic path, inspired by the work of Pierre Tricot, Joerg Schuerpf, Bruno Ducoux and Bernard Darraillans.
He runs Thai massage and Osteothai courses all over the world, including Thailand and Japan. And his love for movement, rhythm and fluidity makes him enjoy capoeira, freediving and… football!