Touching the Heart: ThaiYoga-Massage meets Osteopathy w/ Vagelis Varis

Wann: 19.10. – 23.10. 2022

Teacher: Vagelis Varis

Teaching Language: English


590€ Early Bird bis 19.8.2022

630€ Normaler Preis

Touching the Heart: ThaiYoga-Massage meets Osteopathy

“Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart. Only from the heart can you touch the sky.“


The heart is an incredible organ of our body. It is acting either as the great dynamo of our individual electromagnetic field or as a distributor of blood within the human body. It can be seen as the fulcrum / the center point of somatic functions. It is connected with our emotions, vulnerability and traumatic experiences. And it is intertwined with the motivating force of self-development and courage.

We invite you to this seminar to discover all these qualities of the heart and to unwind the heart as the important connection between the physical, mental and emotional state of the human being.   

In those 5 day training practices from ThaiYoga-Massage and the osteopathic field will meet and guide as in this journey of exploring the structures of the heart.

We learn how we can properly prepare the area of the heart as well as the rest of the body in order to achieve the absolute liberation of the heart organ from physical or emotional adhesions. Finally we discover how to integrate the techniques we learn in the flow of a Bodywork-Session.


09:00 – 12:00 Morning Session

13:30 – 17:00 Afternoon Session

୭̥ Vangelis Varis ୭̥

Vangelis Varis was born in Athens, Greece, and the last 19 years he lives in the island of Evia. He was introduced to the oriental arts through Tai Chi and Yoga, after that it was easy to flow with the beauty of Thai Yoga massage. 
At the Sunshine House he met his first, and very special teacher and mentor, (Krishna)Takis, who has been a strong influence since 2009. Many other amazing teachers came on his way and shaped his practice: David Lutt, Rosemary Wallach, Felicity Joy, Pau Castellsague, Itzhak Helman. Other techniques that have greatly influenced him are OsteoThai, Chi Nei Chang, Lomi-Lomi massage.
Since 2021, he is a graduate osteopath from a five years program at SICO (Swiss International College of Osteopathy), which has provided him with a unique touch in his treatments and has greatly influenced his teachings.
Vangelis seeks healing through massage and music sounds.To achieve it, he attends poliphony and dancing classes and is also a musician- he loves percussion, while his latest passion is santur, thus indulging into greek-eastern traditional melodies and rhythms.