Poetry of Perpetual Movement
“Like a dolphin in the water!”

Massage Training Freiburg


4.-8.5.2022 | 9-17:00 | am letzen Tag enden wir um 14:00

Teacher: Oliver Chamorro

Teaching Language: English


@Studio Yolaya, Rathausgasse 46, Freiburg

Preise: 600€


Poetry of Perpetual Movement

“Like a dolphin in the water!”

Life is movement, and rhythm is its main component.
This course is an invitation to movement, rhythm, and playful spirit!

Around us, seasons, planets, vibratory oscillations of light and sounds change, move or get dispersed.
Within us, our heartbeats, breathing patterns, cellular division or digestion peristaltic regulate, create the rhythm of the body and allow harmony and evolution.

The class is based on rhythmic, rocking and oscillatory movements. Some of the techniques come directly from Thai Massage, and some from Osteopathy (harmonic techniques, general treatment).
Extremely therapeutic, this class will give you new tools to improve fluidity, continuity and change of rhythm in your massage. Dynamic Thai massage is a new way to approach the body, to restore lost mobility, to release the nervous system and come into contact with the Water Element…!

Dynamic Thai Massage is based on gentle rocking, oscillatory and harmonic movements of the different body parts to restore lost rhythm.

For the giver, Dynamic Thai Massage is the opportunity…
…to improve his/her fluidity, precision and transitions in the massage,
…to be creative, joyful and happy while working,
…to develop his/her touch while working on the mechanic, liquid and energetic levels.

For the receiver, Dynamic Thai Massage is a chance…
…to recover mobility and freedom in his/her musculoskeletal system,
…to improve the fluid circulation (blood and lymphatic systems),
…to re-establish a good energetic circulation,
…to release the nervous system.

And Dynamic Thai Massage is the poetry of perpetual movement where giver and receiver enter in resonance and harmony to be ONE with the rhythm of Life.

Schedule: May 4th to 7th 9:00 – 12:30 & 14:00 – 17:00 Last day (May 8th) 9:00 -14:00

Teaching Language: English


Oliver Chamorro (Spain) completed the Master OsteoThai in 2019, certified physiotherapist, acupuncturist and Yoga, AcroYoga, Taichi instructor, and practitioner.He has been teaching Thai Massage since 2007 feels like an eternal student. Dedicated to bringing in his teaching techniques coming from his other studies like Craneo Sacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, and Osteopathy. For him, Thai Massage is meditation, dance, and healing. In this path, the passion for Thai Massage and OsteoThai has been growing thanks to teachers like Dayalu, Laurino Bertell, David Lutt, KrishnaTakis, Jörg Schürpf.At the moment he is studying Osteopathy and giving treatments and trainings in Granada.
Oliver has a passionate teaching style and cultivates joy in his trainings.“Life is constant movement, go where your heart brings you.” ♡♡♡