Julia Deka, Yoga Freiburg,

Julia ist zertifizierte Yogalehrerin (Hatha Yoga und Inside Yoga & Inside Flow / Vinyasa Yoga), AcroYoga-Lehrerin Level I+II (acroyoga.org), Thai-Yoga Massage & Wellness-Massage Therapeutin sowie Acro-Fit Trainerin.

Sie wuchs mit Yoga und Meditation auf. Während und nach ihrem Studium (Sanskrit und Ethnologie) verbrachte sie immer wieder Zeit in Indien, Thailand und Burma und beschäftigt sich seither intensiv mit Yoga, Akrobatik und Thai-Yoga-Massage. Seit 2011 lebt sie (wieder) in Freiburg und unterrichtet leidenschaftlich AcroYoga, Akrobatik, Yoga & ThaiYoga Massage, Flying Bodywork & Flying Massage, Akrobatik für Familien, Kinderyoga, Family- / Eltern-Kind Yoga.

Julia grew up with the practice of meditation and yoga. Today she is a Yogateacher, Certified AcroYoga.org Teacher Level I+II and AY-Fit Trainer. After studying Sanskrit, Cultural Anthropology and Experiental Education she connected deeply with AcroYoga and ThaiYogaMassage.
Julia has always been passionate about different moving arts like Dance, Theater and Contact Improvisation and its here biggest dream to share her experience and create a space, where people can meet, connect, move and get in touch.



  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 440h (BYV)
  • Inside Flow / Vinyasa Yoga on Beats bei Young Ho Kim & friends (AYA – Insideyoga.de)
  • Inside Yoga Grundausbildung 200h (AYA)


  • AcroYoga Teacher Training Level I bei Jason Nemer, Alexander Ruiz & friends (Acroyoga.org)
  • AcroYoga Teacher Training Level II (Acroyoga.org) w./ certification to teach AcroYoga.org Lunar & Elemental Immersions
  • AcroFit Training
  • regular trainings in the field of Dutch Acrobatics / Partneracrobatics / AcroYoga (standing acrobatics, handstands, L-Basing) w./ different teachers like Jason Nemer, Fons, Jim & Dett, AcroBart, Lucie Beyer, Pau Castellsague, Duo Die, Christine Moonbeam & Aaron Lind, partneracrobatics.com and many more


Since 2011 I am learning & practicing Bodywork & Healing Arts on a regular basis with different teachers and styles. Studies in Thai-Yoga Massage w./ Krishna Takis, David Lutt, Thierry Bienfaisant, Ralf Marzen, SunshineSchool in Chiang Mai with the focus in the following fields:

  • Thai-Yoga Massage (KrishnaTakis, Thierry Bienfaisant, Lucie Beyer)
  • Dynamic Thai-Yoga Massage (David Lutt, Krishna Takis, Thierry Bienfaisant)
  • Thai-Massage with the feet (Ralf Marken)
  • Advanced Sideposition for pregnant women and people w./ back pain (Sunshine School Chiang Mai)
  • Dynamic Hands for Thai-Massage w./ Kam Thye Chow
  • Therapeutic Application in Thai-Yoga Massage (Thierry Bienfaisant)
  • Thai-Yoga Massage for the belly (Spiros Aspiotis)
  • OsteoThai for the joints (David Lutt, Thierry Bienfaisant)
  • OsteoThai for the lower back (David Lutt)
  • OsteoThai for the Internal Organs (David Lutt)
  • Wellnesstherapheuten-Ausbildung (@taohealth Institute)
  • trainings in Lunar AcroYoga, Flying Bodywork, therapeutic Flying (Lucie Beyer, Pau Castellsague, Almuth Kramer, Julia Weiss, Jason Nemer)
  • AquaHara  – Bodywork in Water – Training Level 1 and 2 (aguahara.com)

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